Powering the VIPER family

The advanced Viper Ground Control System (GCS) perfectly orchestrates the VIPER family of aerial weapons, revolutionizing combat capabilities to create a paradigm shift in military effectiveness.

Offering unparalleled, immediate, high-precision situational awareness, GCS is an AI-powered tool designed for superior command and control. Integrating cutting-edge AI features, such as object detection, Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), segmentation, and tracking, it provides a comprehensive view that is indispensable for making split-second decisions in complex combat scenarios.

Key Advantages

Flexibility & Control:

Whether you’re deploying a single Viper drone or launching several from a multi-canister launcher, GCS offers the required flexibility and control. Point-to-multipoint (P2MP) and Message Exchange Service Gateway (MESG) capabilities enable management of multiple missions and groups of drones simultaneously, ensuring cohesive and effective operations.

User-Friendly Design:

GCS is designed for ease of use, requiring minimal training and cognitive load. A single operator can control the system via a user-friendly video interface. Its low SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) characteristics make it adaptable for various scenarios, from individual soldiers on foot to larger company-level deployments.

Seamless Integration & Broad Compatibility:

GCS integrates seamlessly into existing systems and equipment setups, and its platform-agnostic design ensures compatibility with Android, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.