the Rules.

Setting a New Benchmark

Who We Are

Israeli company, SPEAR, is a system house that is revolutionizing warfare for maneuvering forces in all domains – air, sea and land – with its innovative encapsulated weapon systems.

Since its inception in 2017, SPEAR has become a unique player in weapons systems, bringing a practical approach to the field. A proven track record of encapsulating combat-essential capabilities, such as loitering munitions, reconnaissance, EW, relay and more, for sub-sea, naval,

Air, combat platforms and dismounts, enables SPEAR to address the tactical needs of tier-one forces and OEMs.

But what truly distinguishes us is our spirit. At SPEAR, we are all soldiers at heart. Each member of our team has served in the military, and has close family and friends who are currently serving. We are guided by the singular aim of aiding our military personnel in completing their missions – and ensuring their safe return. Every milestone we achieve contributes to this goal, making our success deeply personal.

We are not just a team; we are a community, bound by the shared purpose of safeguarding those who protect us.

Our core objective is to facilitate maneuverability and survivability, to ensure mission success and the safe return of military forces, across all domains.

Our Vision

We are pioneering a future in which soldiers are no longer reliant on traditional ground weaponry. Instead, we envision each soldier being equipped with a personal aerial weapon, based on advanced technology that will enable them to protect themselves and successfully execute their missions.

Management Team

The SPEAR team brings together a remarkable blend of diverse talent and expertise, in fields such as drones, aerospace, artificial intelligence, software, communications, and more. Together, we strive to combine our expertise with our individual military experience, and redefine the possibilities of aerial warfare and shape the future of military operations.

Gadi Kuperman

Founder & CEO

Yiftach Kleinman

EVP Commercial

Eitan Shabtay

Chief R&D and Engineering Officer

Roie Geron

VP Software & AI

Itamar Ben-Tovim


Ariel Rachum

V.P sales & Business Development

Aviram Shmueli

V.P Product

Alon Ashkari


Udi Oren

Marketing Director

Liad Kalik


Michal Bezalel

HR Director

Danny Godasevich

VP Programs

Advisory Board

Providing valuable support to our management team, our Advisory Board is made up of world-class experts whose insight, current knowledge, and analytical thinking contribute to SPEAR’s growth and development.

Mr. Yossi Cohen

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Mr. Moshe Maor

Buinsess Development Advisory Board

Mr. Yaakov (Kobi) Barak

IDF Major General (Ret.)