We Are Spear


SPEAR is a system house, specializing in encapsulated weapons that support maneuvering forces on land, in the air, and at sea.

We are enabling a future in which every soldier is equipped with a personal aerial weapon, based on state-of-the-art AI technology. Manually controlled, or functioning autonomously, operating independently or harnessing shared intelligence, this groundbreaking solution generates a substantial aerial impact for the entire force.

Enabling mission success on the modern battlefield

SPEAR’s leading VIPER Personal Aerial Weapon System empowers individual warfighters, equipping manned and unmanned vehicles with an immediate, intuitive, AI-based, MESH network, end-2-end solution. Providing a new aerial dimension for instant ISR missions and loitering munitions, we enable the precision attack required to succeed on today’s chaotic battlefield.

Based in Israel, SPEAR has been active in the field of Aerial Weapon Systems (AWS) for defense applications since 2017. A single-source supplier for several Israeli MOD programs around the globe, the company also provides military clients, organizations, and governments with its cutting-edge solutions.

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