Our solutions:
The Ninox family

Spear’s Ninox family of solutions create new dimensions for managing today’s battlefield. By focusing on the real operational needs of troops, this advanced, ruggedized solution provides the end-user with tools that are accessible, intuitive and simple to operate, and is the most effective way to achieve immediate tactical superiority.
Suitable for launch from, sea and land, Ninox provides strategic, tactical and micro-tactical solutions with the capacity to carry a range of specialized payloads serving various missions.

Ninox 40 MT

Cutting-edge encapsulated drone

Micro tactical drone system, specifically designed for single-user operation. It can be launched from handheld or standard 40 mm grenade launchers.

Sitting in the barrel, it’s ready for launch in seconds.

Featuring an encapsulated drone and a control unit, the Ninox 40 weighs under 250 g – within regulatory limitations – and is lightweight enough to be carried in the soldier’s vest during combat.

Built to withstand harsh battle conditions,
the ruggedized system is also ideal
for tactical urban environments. The Ninox 40 has up to 35 minutes, flight capability and extensive ISTAR capabilities, with a low noise level, low thermal signature, and low RCS.

Features a day or night-mode payload for enhanced situational awareness, automatic tracking and can be launched on-the-move (OTM) or from under cover.

Ninox VRS

Cutting-edge encapsulated drone

Ready for use at the press of a button, this tactical drone system was designed for launch from stationary and mobile platforms, such as tanks, IFV and more, even on the move.

The Ninox VRS is simple to operate, enabling the operator to direct the payload up to 500g in wind speeds of up to 20 knots, and without requiring drone piloting skills.

This ruggedized system can withstand harsh weather and battle conditions.

The Ninox VRS features swarm, mesh and computer vision capabilities, automatic target tracking, homing algorithms and more.

Ninox 103

Cutting-edge encapsulated drone

With a ruggedized composite airframe, the Ninox 103 is a state-of-the-art encapsulated drone designed for strategic-tactical uses and instant launch, with payloads of up to 1 kg, from large-scale, sea and land platforms.

This ruggedized system can withstand wind speeds of up to 20 knots, and other harsh weather and battle conditions.

The Ninox 103 is intuitive and easy to use. The most advanced capabilities, including swarm, mesh, computer vision, target tracking, homing algorithms and more.

Ninox 103 UW UAS

Cutting-edge encapsulated drone

A state-of-the-art encapsulated UAS, the
NINOX 103 UW sub-to-air system has proven capabilities in underwater-to-air transition for beyond-line-of-sight situational awareness.

Designed for undetectable underwater launch, and focusing on real operational needs, the NINOX 103 UW is an autonomous, AI-based system. Intuitive and easy to operate, it provides the most effective way for submarines, AUVs and other underwater platforms, to gain instant aerial capabilities, supporting those of special forces, reconnaissance, and joint-force operations.

VIPER – Hovering Loitering Munition

Cutting-edge encapsulated drone

VIPER equips the dismounted soldier with a wearable, rugged, immediate, and autonomous hovering loitering munition

VIPER ALM provides small tactical units (squad level and below) with a hovering, loitering precision-strike UAS for use against beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) targets from both static and mobile positions.

Providing a significant aerial advantage, the VIPER’S hovering capability enables aerial observation of targets in complex urban environments in which a conventional aircraft would be inefficient.

Providing ground forces with a real-time aerial capability to locate, track and attack targets, the VIPER uses AI capabilities to ensure minimal collateral damage.