Redefining the way drones are used in the manned and unmanned battlefield, Spear's Ninox system delivers operational flexibility, empowering military and security units of all sizes to independently launch aerial missions from any airborne, naval or ground platform.

Ground and Special Forces

Ground and Special FORCES

Immediate eye in the sky for field commanders

Instant launch for minimal risk

Increased unit survivability

Zero logistics tail

Light Tactical Vehicles

Seamless, fast integration

Minimizes operational risk

Facilitates immediate reaction

On-the-move launch capability


Compatible for use with existing launchers

Minimizes operational risk

On-the-move launch capability

Beyond-line-of-sight visibility

Immediate situational awareness in a dynamic marine environment

Stand-off capability for investigating potential threats

Minimal footprint - can be easily installed on any marine platform

Suitable for marine environment

Intuitive, enabling autonomous missions even in harsh marine conditions