Publication: joint-forces Press Release, Rotterdam, 07 June 2022: SpearUAV – developer of an autonomous, AI-based technology for encapsulated SWARM-based UAS – is unveiling the encapsulated Ninox 103 Sub-to-Air loitering UAS, which for the first time enables launch of sub-marine drones into the air, providing immediate beyond-line-of-sight situational awareness. Read More

New dimension: SpearUAV unveils ‘capsuled’ Ninox UAS

Author: Robin Hughes, Gold Coast | Publication: Jane’s International Defence Review Key Points – The new Ninox UAS has been designed to deliver immediate situational awareness in the land, sea, air, and homeland security domains.– The Ninox 103 is in full system development for two customers, one of which is the Israel Ministry of Defence. […]

DEFEA 2023: Spear UAV reveals the VIPER and the NINOX 103

Author: Eyal Boguslavsky | Publication: IsraelDefense Spear defines the VIPER as a “private air force” for the ground forces and as the first hovering munition,” and says that the NINOX 103 is the only proven sub-to-air loitering UAS Spear UAV, an Israeli developer and manufacturer of high-end UAS and loitering munition systems, is introducing two […]

SpearUAV unveils encapsulated Viper loitering munition

Viper will go on to enter full-rate production with a 'local customer' after testing finishes. (Photo: SpearUAV)

Author: Tim Martin in Belfast | Publication: Shephard SpearUAV has launched a Viper loitering munition designed to strike ‘soft’ targets and built within a ‘smart’ capsule. Israeli manufacturer SpearUAV has announced the release of its new micro tactical Viper loitering munition encapsulated within a ‘smart’ capsule and designed to strike soft targets using precision strike […]

SpearUAV zeigt neue Loitering Muniton auf der AUSA

Author: Kristóf Nagy | Publication: Jane’s International Defence Review Das israelische Unternehmen SpearUAV hat angekündigt auf der nächste Woche stattfindenden Annual Meeting & Exposition der Association of the United States Army (AUSA) eine neue Loitering Munition vorzustellen. Dies gab das Unternehmen in einer Pressemitteilung bekannt. Bei der Viper handelt es sich um eine Quadrocopter-Lösung, welche […]

SpearUAV unveils Viper micro-tactical loitering munition

SpearUAV is developing a new, micro-tactical loitering munition with a precision-strike capability. (SpearUAV)

Author: Robin Hughes, Gold Coast | Publication: Jane’s International Defence Review SpearUAV has detailed the development of an ultra-lightweight micro-tactical loitering munition (LM) for small tactical units − squad level and below − with a precision-strike capability against moving and stationary line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight targets. A company spokesperson provided Janes with an update of this company-funded initiative […]

First quadcopter drone that can be launched from a submarine underwater

Author: David Szondy | Publication: New Atlas SpearUAV has released its Ninox 103 UW Sub-to-Air encapsulated autonomous quadcopter, which it claims is the first loitering drone that can be launched from a submarine and other submerged platforms for immediate beyond-line-of-sight situational awareness. Read More

SpearUAV unveils Ninox 103 submarine-to-air loitering UAS

Author: Robin Hughes, Gold Coast | Publication: Jane’s International Defence Review Israeli tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) house, SpearUAV, has revealed a new capsuled loitering system development that utilises underwater-to-air transition technology to deliver an organic, real-time, beyond-line-of-sight situational awareness capability for submerged submarines. Read More

Aero India 2021: Micro-UAVs – the need of the hour

Author: Neelam Mathews in Delhi | Publication: Shephard Media India’s Paras Aerospace and Israeli firm SpearUAV signed an MoU at Aero India 2021 on 4 February to customise a 250g tactical micro-UAV – called the Ninox 40 – for Indian military, police and paramilitary forces. Designed for single-user operation, the cost-effective micro-UAV features an encapsulated […]